2lb Sterilized Mushroom Grain Spawn


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We are very proud to offer this premium product! Each 4T grow bag comes with 2 pounds of sterilized grain spawn. We spoke with the best mushroom cultivation experts in the world and all of them agreed that the best grain spawn is red milo.

This is due to how small each grain is providing thousands of inoculations points when spawning. That means faster colonization times, every time! Not only is our milo the best sourced milo you could possibly find, but the devils are in the details.

Our grain is perfectly hydrated in a coffee, gypsum water mix. They are slowly  hydrated to allow all the additional nutrients to soak into the grains. As a matter of fact, our grains are so good, many people fruit straight off the grains with phenomenal results. After being perfectly hydrated, our grains then go through a slow long sterilization. We do this to ensure they are sterile and the slower they are sterilized, the less exploded grains in each bag. When our grains arrive, they will be perfect and ready to inoculate.

While most of the competition is coming in at $9 per pound on their grain, ours is $7.50 per pound with free shipping! We also guarantee its 100% sterilized upon delivery or it will be replaced immediately at no additional costs!

We do offer bulk/wholesale pricing on all our products including the grains. Please contact us directly for inquiries.

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