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Myco Lid Pro™

Myco Lid Pro™

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Upgrade your mycology laboratory with the highest quality device for the technical cultivation of mycelium in any wide-mouth mason jar. The Myco Lid Pro™ is the first and only myco lid of its kind to be professionally manufactured with injection molding and is the universal “myco lid”; providing the simplest and most efficient way to sample cultures. This lid sets a new standard in Jar Tek for the novice and professional mycology communities. Within sterile working conditions, watch as this method provides a consistently fluffy mass of hyphae that is easily mixed into suspension and evenly drawn into each syringe. No more having to hassle with inferior jar lids that only last a handful of uses; more liquid culture can be added after sampling to further extend the life of the culture.

Jar Tek at its Finest - Setting the Standard - Unifying all Methods

What makes the Myco Lid Pro™ unique?

Sample Cultures like a Pro: Attach a dispensing needle/tube and luer cap to the integrated luer-tapered lock fitting to allow for more efficient and sterile practices when repeatedly sampling your liquid cultures. No more tipping your jar or wearing out the self-healing injection ports when sampling.
Universal/Modular Design: With a standardized design for a mycology jar lid we introduce a more simplistic, practical and reliable device for the study of mycology. Interchangeable between any liquid culture and spawn run applications; the highly reusable design allows all accompanying components to be easily swapped or replaced without modifying, re-gluing, or discarding your lid for a new one. Compatible with any gasket and locking band intended to be used with wide-mouth mason jars.
Non-Kink Design (w/ Gasket): Designed to be used with a separate locking band and rubber gasket that moves independently of the lid when being screwed down tight. This circumvents any kinking and ensures a sterile and air-tight seal.
Labeling Pad: Documentation and organization in scientific ventures are key to consistent and predictable results. A raised surface for the precise labeling of your jars is included on the lid.


  • can withstand multiple sterilizations without degradation - up to 1500 accumulative minutes of steam-autoclaving conditions (up to 250°F) while maintaining a sterile seal
  • a pint jar can produce 20+ culture syringes (10-12cc) at one time after fully colonized
  • made with the polyoxymethylene (POM) acetal-based resin Delrin® (designed for food-safe contact applications)


Not Included:

  • Myco Lid Pro
  • (1x) Gasket (wide-mouth)
  • (1x) 0.45um Syringe Filter
  • (1x) Luer Cap
  • (1x) 18mm 3M Stick-On Injection Port
  • (1x) Sampling Tube (luer barb and silicone tube)
  • Mason Jar (wide-mouth)
  • Locking Band (wide-mouth)
  • Magnetic Stir Plate
  • Stir Bar
  • Syringe
  • Sampling Needle
  • Syringe Tip

Before use, check out the recommended instructions here.

The Myco Lid Pro™ is currently “patent pending”.

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