Premium Island Manure


Pitchfork with manure

All good grows start with good manure.

Brown Treasure is based in San German, Puerto Rico. We have hand-selected a number of farms that align with our beliefs: respect animals, respect each other, and respect Mother Nature.

Our farmers truly love their animals and treat them well. They are free to graze, well-fed, and anti-biotic/hormone free.

Your purchase helps support small farmers and makes a difference in their lives.

Brown Treasure Processing Tents

Beautiful Puerto Rico

The climate and rainfall in San German is perfect for achieving optimal moisture contents in all our products.

Our entire process is natural from the vegetation animals eat to the sun-drying process. We are a completely Eco-friendly, sustainable business.

Our Manure Substrate Properties


Necessary microbes in tact for mycelial growth

pH stabilized

Ideal for growing


Leached by the sun and tropical rains for all 12 months of the year

Brown Treasure

no contamination

Substrates pasteurized, never sterilized

chemical free

No synthetic nutrition added

ready to grow

Just add your colonized grain

Experience the tropical advantage

This is hands-down the best manure you have ever seen.

Increase your yield in each grow

Our island blend substrate was created, instructed, and personally inspected by Willy Myco himself on-site giving us the ability to deliver to you highest quality substrate in the world.



San German Puerto Rico

Grow in peace!