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Sterilized, Mushroom Grain Spawn (2lb Bag)

Sterilized, Mushroom Grain Spawn (2lb Bag)

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Fuel your fungal dreams with our premium, sterilized, mushroom grain spawn. This premium grain provides the perfect foundation for vigorous, mycelial growth; paving the way for bountiful harvests of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

Unleash the mycological might:

  • Dense Nutrition: Red milo sorghum boasts a nutrient-rich profile, ideal for powering robust mycelial development and promoting healthy mushroom fruiting.
  • Optimal Hydration: Our meticulous soak and simmer method ensures optimal hydration for the grains, maximizing their colonization potential.
  • Impeccable Sterility: Each bag undergoes a rigorous 2-hour pressure cook at 15psi, eliminating any potential contaminants which guarantees a clean slate for your mycological masterpiece.
  • Versatile Goodness: Our spawn is the perfect launchpad for cultivating a diverse range of edible mushrooms, from oyster and shiitake to maitake and lion’s mane.
  • Rapid Colonization: Red milo’s dense texture provides ample nutrition for mycelial growth, leading to swift and efficient colonization.  It’s smaller size offers multiple points of inoculation after break and shake at 30% colonization.

Ready to unlock the magic of mushrooms? Order your sterilized, mushroom grain spawn today and watch your mycological journey flourish.


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