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Willy's Blend Manure Substrate (5lb Bag)

Willy's Blend Manure Substrate (5lb Bag)

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Hand developed by Willy Myco himself - this is the same exact manure substrate he uses in his personal grows that everyone loves; and I’m telling you it’s something special.

Developing this product was more than just telling us how to do it; Wily actually came down to the island to assure the highest quality and hand-select the best ingredients possible for this blend. This product is made with a blend of aged, exotic manure. It’s aged for a minimum of 2 years and then naturally leached/dehydrated. This product is loaded with beneficial micronutrients that promote healthy and strong growth. All our products are made fresh to order and we guarantee our product will reach you perfect and ready to use.

Getting Willy to share his secret substrate sauce with us was no easy feat to say the least, but he was excited to partner with us when he found out a percentage of each sale will fund a scholarship for aspiring mycologist. We are very proud to offer this product because it is the first of its kind and something very special. This product is so remarkable We have a saying here … “once you go Willy, everything else is silly”. So get yours while it lasts!!
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