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At Brown Treasure, we're passionate about providing a diverse range of high-quality products derived from our own carefully crafted organic substrates. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our offerings – we prioritize exceptional customer support to ensure your satisfaction. Constantly driven by innovation, we're dedicated to continuous expansion and research, exploring new frontiers to bring you the best in sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. Join us on this journey toward nurturing greener, healthier environments, one product at a time.

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Brown Treasure is based in San German, Puerto Rico. We have hand-selected a number of farms that align with our beliefs: respect animals, respect each other, and respect Mother Nature.

Our farmers truly love their animals and treat them well. They are free to graze, well-fed, and antibiotic/hormone free.

Your purchase helps support small farmers and makes a difference in their lives.

Why Choose Our Products?

  • Mycological Masters: We are passionate about growing and are dedicated to crafting the highest quality products for your cultivation success.
  • Unwavering Quality Control: Every step of our process, from product selection to utilization, adheres to the highest standards of excellence.
  • Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed: We believe in our products and are committed to your satisfaction.
  • Owner Operated: All products are meticulously hand crafted by the owner, a seasoned cultivator who has lots love for the community. He is available to answer any questions and guide you on your cultivation journey! We pride ourselves on excellent communication to assist our clients at with each step of the process if necessary.

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Our organic substrates are versatile and ideal for various plant growth needs. While our products support a range of gardening and cultivation purposes, we strictly do not endorse or permit the use of our substrates for any illegal activities, including the cultivation of prohibited substances. We will not post any images to this site that may fall into this category. Our commitment lies in promoting responsible and legal use of our eco-friendly solutions for sustainable and lawful growing practices.